About Us

Harley Med Clinic is a trusted medical service, education, and clinical and observational research clinic of the London International Medical School and 96 Harley Medic Clinic working together. Trusted service and education is delivered in tandem so high quality will be the norm.
It is a safe clinic with a moto: LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL and HELP EVER, HURT NEVER. We concentrate on – safety first, quality second to none. We are a TRUSTED clinic.


1. To give expert opinion by COLLECTIVE MEDICAL INTELLIGENCE using our multi-speciality, multi-disciplinary expert consultations and specialised investigations. GIVING EXPERT OPINION WILL BE OUR FORTE. OUR OPINION WILL BE WELL CONSIDERED AND BE FAIR AND JUST. It SHOULD STAND ON ITS OWN. This collective medical and legal intelligence clinic is our innovation.
2. To make correct and accurate diagnosis when there is a doubt or no firm diagnosis is made. This is our DIAGNOSTIC CONSULTATION service. We will arrange the appropriate investigations to make correct diagnosis . Making diagnosis will be our USP (unique selling point)
3. To provide health screening (health MOT) for early diagnosis for all as our PREVENTIVE HEALTH focus. We will be able to do HEALTH and DEVELOPMENTAL CHECKS for children of all ages. This is also our USP. We are specialising in Health MOTs for All. We have cost effective packages. See TEST2KNOW.co.uk and Look for Just2Know BRONZE AND SILVER Health MOT packages which are aimed as a service and cost effective packages. We have other Health MOT packages as well . Look with in our TEST2KNOW.co.uk or scan our QR code. JUST ASK. Focus on HELP EVER. HURT NEVER.
4. To develop the TEST2KNOW service as a cost-effective investigations service for all. We have blood test and STI packages which are cost sensitive. All results will be commented upon, and any abnormal results will be explained. You may be able to see a doctor to discuss the results as a special service – just pay £50 at the clinic for this face-to-face service (no telephone or zoom call discussion). JUST ASK. We do phlebotomy service for anyone, We may help by giving injections to help you with your journey for recovery. HELP IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE. JUST ASK.
5. To recommend world-class holistic health service by providing FUCTIONAL/INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE combining allopathy, homeopathy, and other alternative and functional medicine by focusing on improving health and wellbeing. Just Ask. We use this service to help every one and to meet their needs. We study the use of oxygen for health – nano OxyWater and Hyperbaric oxygen and oxygen concentrator.
6. To facilitate education and training by working as the service, education, and training clinic for London International Medical School.