5 Reasons why you should get your Haematology- full blood count today

5 Reasons why you should get your Haematology- full blood count today.


Haematology is a branch of science which precisely studies the cause, treatment and prevention from the diseases related to blood.

Last couple of years and certainly the last two years has been too stressful for anyone with a decent lifestyle to have a sustainably reasonable and healthy lifestyle. With the onset of Covid-19 a lot of private blood testing laboratory in London had to go through a paradigm shift in regards with its working pattern and the kind of tests they conducted in their laboratories.

But one such test- Haematology-full body count has been very easily available in Harley street medical clinic. Any individual who is willing to lead a healthy life, should know their full blood count and work towards its betterment. It falls under a lot of parameters of being healthy according to WHO health index.

There are a lot of reasons you should opt for haematology reports done, but these five are the most crucial ones

  • Anemic conditions

At times it happens that one goes through series of episodes and symptoms which involves weakness, weightloss, tiredness etc. in this day and age, while we get nutrition from pills, there are high chances for a healthy individual to have anemic conditions.

After a detailed checkup, and a perfect statistics of blood count done by Harley street medical clinic, the patient can get his treatment started.

  • Blood transfusion

In order to be able to donate your blood to some one who Is in need, due to any condition like accident or sudden blood loss, blood transfusion from a healthy body is very important.

During this crucial process of blood transfusion, the blood needs to be checked, in case of any infections or diseases.

  • Checking for blood clots

Haematology determines every minute details about the blood that runs through our veins. In case If there are any traces of blood clots in the same, it needs to be fixed on an urgent basis. This kind of procedure needs a quick action and that is how this test proved to be useful and prevent harmful cases like brain or heart stroke.

  • To cure an existing blood infection

If you are in the cycle of regular blood tests to cure your blood infection, then this is the point you could relate. We at Harley street medical clinic are very professional and sophisticated when it comes to blood collection and testing. This kind of tests need precision and perfection to find the infection and evaluate its effects on the patients body.

  • Trying to conceive a child


If a couple is planning to have a child, they both need to have a blood test done to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the child. This kind of blood tests usually checks on the blood type, count and measurements of wbcs and rbcs.


These and many more reason are there to have a Haemetology test done today!


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