Full Body health MOT

Our physical and mental health has been taking a toll with this centuries rush and hush. It is important that we be proactive in taking good care of our health and be more responsible for it by being regular in our routines and doing routine health checkups to keep a track of our health.

There are a lot of super specialty clinics, blood test laboratories in London which can help you go through these procedures easily.

What is MOT?

MOT stands for Measurements Observations and Tests.

We at Harley Med, with our experienced team of doctors, undertake this in the most professional manner. MOT usually covers your full body, it checks, measures and observes the different levels in our body.

It is a detailed procedure which examines the physical health of the body.

How is MOT evaluated?

As mentioned earlier, MOT examines the whole body. Primarily we start from the heart, liver and kidney health. We record the cholesterol levels, protein and muscle mass and assess the possibility of stroke.

This particular health screening happens in full details at out Harley street medical clinic.

With the help of the modern and fully equipped imagining technologies and our trained medical staff, we are able to deliver accurate and timely results.


Who should get MOT?

Both men and women can get their MOT.

In order to lead a healthy and disease free lifestyle, It is important that an individual must get their MOTs checked frequently.

Why MOT?

With the frequent advancements in technology and updated knowledge of medical science, it has been very easy to assess and predict any health related hazard well in advanced,

This enables the individual to encompass the situation and take timely action to cure it in its starting phase.

If you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, then an updated MOT test can be a very useful aid in the journey.

Harley street medical clinic is one such blood test laboratory in London which provides seamless and accurate services. If you seek full body MOT in London, then Harley Med is your answer!

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