Stay Fit With Free Health Mot Test Over 40

Health Mot Test

MOT stands for Measurements, Observations, and Tests. MOT is a full health examination of the complete body. When you reach the age of 40, it is time to take your health seriously. Your body has been subjected to a significant amount of stress over the last 40 years, and the consequences of tiredness, poor eating choices, or anxiety are beginning to appear. This is when persons start to recognize the start of a variety of health problems, which may worsen if proper action is not done.

At 96 Harley Street, we can perform a variety of health screenings as well as health checks to keep you in good and great health. Health Mot Test will analyze your heart, liver, or kidney function, as well as record health indicators like cholesterol, protein, or muscle mass and measure your stroke risk. Both men and women may benefit from our full-body MOTs. Based on your aims, they may be performed as part of an annual checkup or on a very regular schedule.

Now let’s examine certain Health Mot Test that everybody in their 40s (and also elder persons) should have at regular periods. Here’s a simplified category:

  • CBC

A Complete Blood Count test. This test determines your WBC, RBC, mean corpuscular size, average corpuscular haemoglobin, platelet, and other parameters. This regular test provides an overview of your blood profile and may indicate an infection or disease such as anaemia.

  • Diabetes Test

A blood sugar test must be performed. You should schedule both the fasting and postprandial tests for a complete examination of your glucose readings as well as how your body reacts to insulin.

  • Renal Function Test (RFT/KFT)

A kidney function test evaluates your kidney health by testing a variety of substances including proteins, glucose, creatinine, electrolytes, as well as minerals.

  • Lipid Profile

The quantity of fat compounds and lipids in your blood is measured by the lipid characteristics or profile. The total quantity of cholesterol, good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL), or triglycerides in your blood will be determined by this test. Fat molecules may block your arteries, causing bp or, in extreme cases, a heart problem or cardiac arrest.

  • Cardiac Markers Test

This test determines the risk of heart problems. Biomarkers are molecules that are discharged into circulation whenever your heart is in danger. This test detects biomarkers that may be used to detect or treat basic cardiac disease.

  • Urine Test

A basic urine test may reveal abnormalities in the liver or kidney functioning. It may help detect urinary tract infections and metabolic issues.

As well as other essential tests; Body Mass Index, Measuring height, Body Fat percentage calculation, Visceral fat rating, Weight, Muscle mass, Metabolic Rate, etc.


These lifesaving healthcare checkups are important. Do not dismiss them because you aren’t currently experiencing symptoms of a disease. At 96 Harley Street, we encourage you to enhance your health and well-being. Consume nutritious foods, take nutritional supplements, and exercise daily. These full-body MOTs aid in the early detection of health risks, allowing required lifestyle modifications to be implemented to avoid them from getting out of control. To achieve maximum accuracy in findings, we perform the appropriate medical imaging tests for every section of the body. The precautions you take now are an investment in the future.

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